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Hey there!

I’m Stephanie Corder! I’m excited you found your way into my world.

I’ve developed a deep passion for seeing women monetize their gifts while caring for their families. And I am especially drawn to support the warrior momprenuer.

Do you know her? The mom that fights chronic challenges of her own and/or her children.  She needs to create an income that allows her serious flexibility.  And she is far from lazy! But her challenges make her needs different than many other momprenuers. I have found that once she is able to see the gifts that God has uniquely given to her, we can create a brand that is powerful in changing the world around her.

She can't stand hustle in the conventional text, but she can learn to be a problem solve for others in a way that is builds on relationships.

NO salesy conversations but empowerment conversations! Learning that skill fans her passions vs. depleting her heart as well as draws other to her.

You are in the right place if you are ready to learn how to:

Build your Brand vs pushing products and services

Develop a step by step process to build your social media strategies

Get over the fear of being salesy and having money conversations

Attract and connect with your dream clients



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