About Stephanie

With a long history in sales and advertising, I grew to love growing and developing opportunities for others. It’s what excites me something fierce!

But especially for those women that need a full-time income and some serious flexibility to care for their and their families' special needs. Over the years I learned step-by-step processes through being an advertising executive for the Kansas City Star, Sales Director, driving the car, with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and working full time in ministry development and church growth.

Ten years ago I developed a severe chronic illness that put me in a wheelchair, walker, huge leg braces and canes for 7 years.  My tenacity and the love of my husband carried to me to find natural solutions to my health and put me back into my Asolo hiking boots climbing mountains.

Through it all, I learned the skills needed to not only build a successful full-time income business but how to support my body and my family doing so.

Now my passion is to see other women find freedom and satisfaction becoming world changers.

If you are no longer committed to your comfort and instead ready to pursue your dreams, check out the rest of this site to explore opportunities for us to work together.