Surefire Ways to Build Your Brand Course

This is a 12 week self-paced program will develop in you

A deeper understanding of Personal Branding and determine how you want to be known. The ability to make goals that support you daily to create the dream you desire. We will dig deep, creating a daily to-do, plan for obstacles, and write our own affirmations. Expertly identify your ideal client avatar and how to find her on Facebook. How to become visible with a clear message in Social Media. Leverage your knowledge to create value posts and stories others will want more of. Develop conversation skills that will authentically draw customers to you. Craft posts and stories that will speak to your ideal client, making her say, "you are in my head." Develop the skills to build your mindset to overcome those moments of overwhelm and fear. (We all get those moments.) Craft value materials your ideal client will stand up and wave for. Discover automation to help you with the follow-up and creation. A whole new perspective on time management and a bucket filled with gratitude and motivation!

10 Online Learning Power Sessions ($1000 Value)

10 One on Group Coaching Calls ($1500 Value)

The Struggling Momprenuers Time Management Affirmations And Reflections Survival Guide ($197 Value)

Gratitude Journaling Explained ($75 Value) Clear engaging branding secrets for Momprenuers ($245 Value)

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Session ($100 Value)

Build Your Network (UNLIMITED - $500 Value)

Total Value: $3092 

This program is not available today.  Watch for the next launch to participate.