What our customers write about us

"Stephanie has been instrumental in putting into motion all the things I knew I should be doing but felt so overwhelmed by and figuring out how to market on Facebook. I mean, really, it sounds simple. But on the back end, there's a rhythm and method to marketing and posting, a way to engage before posting, and many other things. She has a simple, easy to follow, genuine caring way of teaching, encouraging, and making the process simple. I've nailed down my ideal client (avatar), engaged new clients, and feel a motivation to keep going. Let's face it, working from home, solo entrepreneurship can be a lonely gig. Finding the discipline to work each day has been challenging, but Stephanie helped guide me to the sweet spot. Not to mention the other women in the group who have inspired me and helped me in unimaginable ways. I have loved working with Stephanie!" 

Christina Lombardo

Certified Functional Nutritionist

“I have to give a shout-out to Stephanie Corder!! Prior to working with her, I was having trouble from the pandemic of pivoting my business from meeting people in-person to online. I had a couple of months with ZERO enrollments!!  I am happy to say that after integrating what she taught me, that I had enough enrollments last month that I got into the Shining Stars Club, got a dip in the global bonus profits sharing pool, got a bonus for re-ranking, and even expanded internationally!!!! I am really excited to continue with her next program about branding yourself and see what comes from that detailed exploration as well!!!”

Cindi Martin

Network Marketer

Sherie Hughes-Smith - 

Professional Sales Coach-

Testimony from Sherie on Surefire Ways To Build Your Brand Course